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How do I find the best homeowners insurance?


We’ve all been there. The mortgage is finally approved. The loan officer says we need to close quick. However, there’s one more item needed. Proof of homeowners insurance. Hurry. Get the proof of insurance quickly. There’s no time to shop for the best homeowners insurance.

Finally, the mortgage closes. The house is ours. Let’s drive past and hope the owners we bought from don’t see us. Then we’ll go start packing and get ready to move.

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But, we didn’t have time to find the best homeowners insurance.

Unfortunately, a scene something like that described above plays out over and over again. Not enough time to get the best homeowners insurance. Instead, we just have to focus on getting the house.

What happens though when the ice maker in the refrigerator leaks water everywhere? Or, when an unexpected hail storm damages the roof? Or, when a grease fire in the kitchen destroys the kitchen and smoke damages the remainder of the home?

Every home buyer needs to stop and think about two things:

  • Do I own anything more valuable than my house?
  • If I had to temporarily move out of the house, pay my mortgage, pay rent on my temporary home and pay for repairs, could I afford to do that?

For most people, the answer to both of those questions is no. For many, there homeowners insurance likely won’t deliver the protection they expected.

It’s not too late

Just because you already closed on the house, it’s not too late to switch insurance companies and get the best homeowners insurance in order to ensure your most valuable asset is properly protected.

In fact, one of the beautiful things about insurance is that you get your money back for the insurance you don’t use. Yes, if you switch to a different insurance company before the end of the policy period, you get all the money back from the unused insurance.

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Won’t the best home insurance cost more?

You may be pleasantly surprised. Often, the best insurance companies don’t cost that much more. Sometimes, they don’t cost more at all. That may sound crazy, but it’s true. Here’s why. Poor quality insurance is often overpriced. The reason this is possible is that the insurance markets have been opaque. Consumers don’t know much about insurance companies, except what they hear in advertisements when companies talk about how great they are.

However, the advertising statements are nonsense. They are not at all an indicator of which companies are good. Also, because the market has been so opaque, some companies that offer low quality products, price them high for a reason. The reason is that many consumers will think it’s a good product because it’s priced high. Also, they know the name of the company from the advertisements. Hence, the insurance must be good.

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What about the home insurance price?

Price is important too. That’s why we built the home insurance price calculator. We also refer to it as the homeowners insurance price estimator. Click the button below to use the home insurance price estimator. This will give you an idea of what’s a fair price for your insurance.


Now you can take the price estimates, shop with the best five insurance companies and know you got great insurance at a fair price.

ValChoice does not get paid to rate insurance companies.

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