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This is a collection of posts from Dan published by the Huffington Post.

Local Insurance Agents

Will the Internet be the death of local insurance agents?

  Could the rapidly emerging direct-to-consumer business model be the death of local insurance agents near me? Travel agent offices, bookstores and video rental shops were once local landmarks. Not long ago it was unimaginable these businesses would disappear. Will consumers soon look at the office currently occupied by their local insurance agents and wonder why insurance used to […]

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Infographic - more insurance companies does not translate to more competition and may not result in either cheap insurance or more affordable insurance

Why Trump’s Affordable Insurance Plan Won’t Work

With the price increases of insurance far outpacing increases in the cost of living, the cost of insurance that consumers are required to buy (auto, home and health) is rapidly increasing as a percentage of the monthly budget. Unfortunately, consumers have no good options for addressing the problem of needing affordable insurance. Trump’s Idea for Affordable […]

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We the People Are Required to Buy Insurance From Companies Exempt From Laws Protecting Us

We the People’ need to demand Congress repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act. We also need to create a competitive market by only buying insurance that has a proven history of compensating consumers for their losses. That means we need a way to measure the quality of each insurance company, and their products. This is what my […]

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Why Obamacare – the ACA – Will Fail

Political discussion aside, The Affordable Care Act (ACA) will fail for business reasons. Whether the ultimate result is the law getting repealed or modified, change is necessary to have a viable and vibrant health insurance industry that drives cost reduction and improved customer service. Follow ValChoice and get interesting content delivered directly to you by […]

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