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Christmas Savings

A Christmas Savings Idea That Can Save You Money

Christmas savings is misleading. To save at Christmas, you have to spend money. The reality is your only spending less, not actually saving money. What consumers need is a way to pay for Christmas by spending less on other items. Yes, we’re suggesting saving enough money to pay for your holiday.

The cost of giving your family a wonderful Christmas can be stressful. For some adults, this stress puts a serious damper on the joy of the holidays. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a Christmas savings plan that would save you the cost of Christmas in one easy step? With our Christmas savings plan, many families will be able to have Christmas for free. No charge.

Where to Find Christmas Savings

It’s common that people can find better insurance that costs less than what they’re currently paying. To know if you’re a candidate for better insurance, start by checking to see how good your car insurance company is by clicking the button below. If you’re with a good company, tell a friend. If they’re not good, we can help you find a better one.

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To save large amounts of money, start by looking at where you spend a lot of money. These items include housing, car payments, food and the often overlooked spending category of insurance. Most of these items don’t lend themselves to easy savings, but some do. For example:

  • Saving on your housing cost requires moving or refinancing. Both take time. When it comes to refinancing, the savings are likely to be minimal for the reason that mortgage interest rates have been low for years.
  • As far as car payments are concerned, this is also a difficult place to find savings. The most significant savings are likely from selling a car altogether or downsizing to something more cost-effective. Again, this is not a solution that can be implemented in the short term.
  • Food prices also don’t yield much room for savings. You can use more coupons. When summer time comes, you could grow a garden. You can also buy less junk food. None of these approaches are likely to save you enough money to impact the budget for this Christmas.
  • Insurance savings. This is a different story. Many families could fund their Christmas shopping entirely on the savings they can realize from shopping their insurance.

Shop For Value, Not Price

It’s counterintuitive, but it’s true. Better insurance doesn’t necessarily cost more. The lack of transparency in insurance leads to good products that aren’t expensive and expensive products that aren’t good.

Here’s a starting point. If you haven’t shopped your insurance for the last three years, it’s likely you can save money. Possibly a lot of money.

Many people find it hard to believe they can save a lot of money. After all, they’ve been a loyal customer of their insurance company for years or decades. As consumers, we’re conditioned to think that loyalty is rewarded. That’s often not the case when it comes to insurance. In fact, oftentimes it’s the opposite.

Think about the advertising campaigns of insurance companies. In large part they focus on price, all offering to save you money. However, it’s obvious that there can’t be multiple price leaders. There can only be one price leader. Furthermore, that one price leader is likely to only a price leader in a certain area, with certain types of cars or homes.

The reason so many companies can advertise to be price leaders is because you don’t shop your insurance. Insurance companies have data on you that shows if you’re likely to shop for different insurance. If the data shows you’re not likely to do that, your price will go up faster than for people who do shop for better insurance. We call this the loyal customer penalty.

Avoid the Loyal Customer Penalty

At ValChoice, we make it easy for people to shop their insurance. One customer used our site to shop their auto insurance and sent us an email afterward saying they saved $2,781 per year.

Best of all, the Christmas savings you realize from switching insurance companies is redeemable almost immediately. If you’re policy is due to renew soon, now’s a logical time to start shopping your insurance. If you want, you can even schedule the renewal to take place on the same date as when your existing policy expires.

However, scheduling the renewal isn’t necessary. To save money all you have to do is switch to another company. You’re existing insurance company is required to refund you the unused portion of the policy you are canceling. Laws vary by state and some states allow the insurer with whom you’re canceling to charge a fee for the cancellation. Nevertheless, the fees are typically small compared to the amount of money you might get refunded.

Switching Insurance Companies is Easy

Most people think of insurance as complicated. However, switching car insurance is about as easy and painless as anything you do. The new car insurance company that you go to has access to a database that tells them all about you. They know the cars you drive, your driving record and much more. They can use this information to automatically switch your coverage to them from the other company. In many cases they can even notify the other company that you are canceling your coverage with them. However, we recommend you notify the company yourself to make sure you have a timely cancellation and proof that you cancelled so you are assured of getting the refund that is due to you.

If you’re switching home insurance, it’s a little more involved, but not much. Many insurance companies will want someone to view the house before insuring the home. In most cases you don’t even need to be home when they come by. If you live in a high-value home, they may want to inspect the inside as well. In that case you will of course want to be home.

Another Benefit to Finding Christmas Savings From Your Insurance Money

Historically consumers had no way of knowing which insurance companies were good and which weren’t. Because there was no meaningful information, advertisements created a perception of the product quality insurance companies provide. Advertising is of course meaningless as a way of measuring product quality.

That’s all changed. Now with the transparency that’s available into insurance, consumers can find out just how good a company is about the quality of the product they sell and the service they provide.

What this means for you is that you have an opportunity to save money, fund your Christmas shopping from the savings and get better insurance. This very likely could be the smartest move you make this Christmas season.

Get Started for Free

There’s no charge to find out if you may be able to save on your insurance. Click the buttons below to get a free report from ValChoice on your auto or home insurance.

The free report will let you know if there’s something wrong with your insurance. The possibilities of what could be wrong include that they’re charging too much or they provide poor protection. Either way, that’s something you should know.

If the score is good, you don’t need to take any action. If the score is bad, we can make suggestions of companies could do a better job for you. All you need to do is click the buttons below to get a free report on your home and auto insurance.

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Note: ValChoice does not receive any form of compensation from insurance companies for grading them or presenting them as an option in our car and home insurance reports. This service is completely independent and unbiased.

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