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How do I prepare for summer storms?


Summer storms aren’t a concern only for homeowners. Auto owners also need to be ready for summer storms. Progressive proved that point by reviewing its 2013 claims data and found 30 percent of wind and flood claims for the entire year occurred in June and July.

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Actions to Take to Protect Your Vehicle During Summer Storms

Actions to take are segmented into actions to take before the storm as well as during the storm.

Before the Summer Storm

  • Consider Comprehensive and Rental coverage – When it comes to insurance, “Comprehensive” doesn’t necessarily mean “all encompassing.” Instead, it’s the specific coverage that helps pay for damage caused when no accident occurred. For example, things like weather, fire or vandalism. In most cases, Comprehensive will cover wind and flood damage too. Also, think about Rental coverage; should your car be severely damaged or beyond repair, this coverage will help pay for a rental car in the interim.
  • Find out how good your insurance company is – Not all insurance is the same. Find out how good yours is by clicking the buttons below. If you’re with a great company, tell a friend. If not, find a new insurance company.

During the Summer Storm

For those that live in areas at risk of high winds and flooding, the following tips are important to avoid potential damage from summer storms:

  • Drive to higher ground – Park your car indoors or on high ground away from potential sources of damage (falling debris, projectiles, rising waters, etc.). Consider having a tarp and waterproof tape handy to seal your windows and doors as well.
  • Be ready for hail – Sometimes severe summer storms can produce hail.
  • If you’re driving, be cautious – Do not travel down a road submerged in water — underlying currents could carry your car away. If your vehicle stalls in water, immediately abandon it — floodwaters can rise several feet in a matter of minutes.

What to do if your insurance company rates poorly?

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