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Thank You Note From a Customer. We Saved Them $2,781


It’s always a great day when we get a thank you note from a customer. Some businesses solicit kind words to use in their marketing materials. We don’t. The praise is more meaningful and sincere when the customer volunteers the kind words.

Recently we received a thank you note from a customer that made us feel especially good. The note came as an email and said we saved them $2,781 on their car insurance. Furthermore, they said they didn’t give up any coverage. The coverage was exactly the same. That made our day.

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Customers Only Send a Thank You Note When They Mean it

The best thank you note we ever received was one that was handwritten. It came in the mail, along with a stack of unused thank you notes. At first I thought the customer had accidentally included the unused thank you notes. Then I realized these were were a gift to us.

In this case, the thank you note used had been painted by hand. The writer was a painter. He painted his own scene and had it printed onto cards. He used one card to send us an effusive note about how helpful we had been. Then he included the rest for us to use however we saw fit.

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Years After Dedicating my Life to this Cause

It’s been more than three years since I dedicated my life to this cause of helping people with insurance. These gestures of gratitude shown by taking the time to send an email or send a hand painted card make it all worth the enormous effort this has required.

Not only is transparency in insurance a mission I’ve dedicated my life to, it’s also a mission that will likely take a lifetime to deliver. That’s because the challenges are numerous. For those of you that find this service valuable enough that you feel inspired to let someone know, please do. Whether you let us know or someone else, spread the word. When it’s us you tell, you can be assured our footsteps are a bit lighter and our smile a bit brighter.

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