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Who really provides the best auto insurance?


When shopping, do you shop for quality? For example, when buying a car you check out the warranty, consumer reviews and performance specs. When buying food, you read the label. What about when buying insurance? Do you ever wonder what you’re paying for with insurance? Of course you want excellent protection, but how does someone even start the process of buying the best auto insurance?

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The Billion Dollar Ad Blitz

Each year we’re inundated with billions of dollars of advertising telling us which insurance to buy. Most of the ads talk about best price. Clearly, any company spending billions of dollars advertising has, well…billions less to pay out in insurance claims. Therefore, it’s directionally correct to say this companies have eliminated themselves from offering the best auto insurance. Instead, they want to have the most customers. Those are entirely different goals.

ValChoice lets you know which companies really are the best auto insurance providers. We cut through all the BS of the advertisements where every company assures you they are the best. Only ValChoice lets you know which companies are the best. We also let you know which are the worst. We know this because we do detailed analysis of financial data and consumer complaint data on every auto and home insurance company in the country.

Part of what we found isn’t terribly surprising. That is that advertisements are not accurate portrayals of what they claim. We also discovered information that some people find very surprising; that the performance of insurance companies varies significantly from one state to another and over time. That leaves consumers in a quandary. How can you possibly know if you’re spending your money wisely, or flushing it down the toilet?

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The Best Auto Insurance is Easy to Find

Not only did we make finding the best auto insurance easy to ind. We also made finding the best homeowners insurance easy to find. Even better, we let you know what is a fair price for your insurance. Just click the buttons below to use our calculators. This is an unbiased estimate of what insurance costs.


ValChoice does not get paid by insurance companies for rating them. Instead, we make this service available to consumers because consumers deserve to know. When mandated to purchase a product, consumers deserve to know how well that product performs for others.

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