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Does the car I drive help me get cheap auto insurance?


Are you considering a new car? If so, be careful about believing the lists of which cars lead to cheap auto insurance. This data is often collected from sales data. Therefore, the data combines statistics of the typical driver along with car factors. You may not be the typical driver. This means your price could be very different.

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How much is cheap auto insurance?

There are several factors used to determine insurance price. Included in those factors are items specific to the car such as:

  • Cost to repair – this factor impacts collision and comprehensive insurance
  • Size of the car – this factor affects liability insurance. Big vehicles inflict more damage on whatever they hit so they cost more to insure

There are also several human specific factors. For example:

  • Credit score – do people with good credit tend to drive this car? If so, cheap auto insurance would seem more likely for this vehicle.
  • Type of vehicle – for example, do safe drivers tend to drive this vehicle? If so, cheap auto insurance would seem more likely for this vehicle.
  • Driving record – similar to the point above. Do safe drivers or risky drivers tend to drive this vehicle?
  • Age – do experienced or inexperienced drivers tend to drive this car?
  • Many more factors

As these points show, sales data on which cars tend to be more likely to have cheap auto insurance may be unrelated to you and what the insurance will cost you. Hence, ValChoice built the car insurance calculator. Now consumers can get a real care insurance price estimate over the internet.

How do I find cheap auto insurance?

If cheap auto insurance is your number one goal, take the following streps:

  1. Shop for a small car. This will reduce the cost of liability insurance.
  2. Look for used, not new cars. The car needs to be old enough so that it doesn’t have sensors in bumpers and in the windshield. These sensors significantly increase the cost of repairs. Therefore, they also increase the cost of insurance.
  3. Use the car insurance calculator to figure out which discounts apply to you and how you may be able to save money. Just click the button below.


With the calculator you now know what you can do to affect the price of you car insurance.

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Shopping for Cheap Auto Insurance Made Easy

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