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Libraries Help Patrons Save up to $2,000 on Auto Insurance due to COVID-19 with New Financial Literacy Tools

Users can use the free tools independently or take advantage of instructional videos and online webinars that explain insurance BEDFORD, NH – April 23, 2020 –  ValChoice, a consumer data analytics company and insurance industry watchdog, today announced that numerous libraries have begun offering its financial literacy tools to help patrons save money on auto insurance […]

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Image for blog post on how much drive insurance is required during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: Do you need drive insurance when not driving?

  Many insurance companies have announced rebates on “drive insurance” due to COVID-19. Yes, we intentionally called car insurance “drive insurance.” It’s a bit of an unusual name. However, it’s a useful name because it points out the ridiculousness of having car insurance during this time when no one is driving. Right now, having drive insurance […]

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Concerned about insurance because of coronavirus? Here’s some DOs and DON’Ts for protecting yourself

  To say that we’re in uncertain times is an understatement. At times like these, it makes sense to pause and assess our own personal situations including insurance coverage. Ask yourself what’s changed in the last year. What’s new that needs protecting?  How can you preserve cash?  And how can you ensure that the money […]

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