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Injured Money, and You


The book “Injured Money,” which tells the scandalous, true story — that’s too unbelievable to be fiction — of how some insurance companies behave when large claims are filed, is now also a website.  The website,, is dedicated to providing unbiased, independent information for consumers buying insurance.

Today, both the insurance industry, and consumers focus on price. I learned first hand, there’s a lot more to insurance than just price. Our aim is to paint a more complete picture that shows the tradeoffs between price and the protection people get for the price they pay.

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Our Evolution: From Book to Business

Injured Money started as a book about a personal experience — a bad one — and became company, ValChoice. ValChoice was created to serve the underserved consumer of insurance. Consumers of insurance have little, real information on product quality, company business practices or product value. As a technology company that is independent of the insurance industry, ValChoice built a website designed to collect, analyze and present large amounts of data to consumers, agents and brokers in a manner that is easy to understand.

We have all heard the stories about someone that knows someone that had a problem with an insurance company.  That someone behind Injured Money is me.  What happened was shocking and unbelievable and happens far too frequently.  Telling friends and family that I was researching the insurance industry and writing a book was eye opening.  Nearly everyone retorted by asking if their insurance company willingly pays legitimate claims.

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A Large Market, Mandatory Purchases, No Transparency

This lead me to the realization that one of the largest consumer markets in the U.S., the one trillion dollar ($1,000,000,000,000) insurance market, is seriously lacking information showing which providers stand behind the product they sell, insurance.  Every purchaser of insurance should be able too easily find out if the company they are buying from is reliable when paying legitimate claims, or possibly more important, if they are unreliable.

Getting this data required two things:

  • An organization completely independent of all insurance companies and all related insurance industry and trade organizations.
  • Collecting a large sampling of data about insurance companies and their claims payment practices.

Our success is your success. The more people that follow us on social media and buy insurance based on the grades in ValChoice reports the better protection everyone will enjoy.  We look forward to working together to make sure the insurance you purchase provides the protection you and your family deserve.  Welcome to ValChoice.

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